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Carolyn DuPont introduces Mr. Tschirch

The Redwood Library & Athenaeum
in Newport, a repository of knowledge and history,  hosts a series by eminent architectural historian John Tschirch on the splendid of grand country houses, including historical commentary on noble deeds, courtly elegance, a dash of intrigue and nostalgia for a lost world.

Images of the great English country house, set among verdant meadows and gardens, invoke its historical era. The creation and evolution of such stately manors is a story of talented architects, superb craftsmanship and the rise, sometimes fall, and occasional survival of prominent families. The lecture series encompasses four remarkable country houses, each famed for its design, collections and the legends of its owners. Time capsules of a period in English history, each appears in the design pattern books in the archives of the Redwood Library & Athenaeum.

Benedict Leca, Executive Director of the Redwood, welcomes the audience.

Newport Seen was enthralled by Hatfield House, the residence of Queen Elizabeth I, which displays icon imagery of the Elizabethan period stunning works of art, and astonishing interior detail.

For upcoming lectures, which are $25.00 and preceded by a wine and cheese reception,  go to


John Tschirch is an award winning architectural historian who has taught and lectured on the architectural and social evolution of English country houses and gardens. He attended the Attingham Summer School for the Study of the English Country House and Royal Collections Studies at Windsor Castle. John has lectured for Yale University’s Mellon Center seminar at Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire and at the 2013 Summit on Country Houses in 2013 in London.

Queen Elizabeth I's country residence


A depiction of the grand interior hall



A portrait of the young Queen


Mr. Tschirch describing an architectural feature



The garden maze


The entrance to Hatfield House


Detailed adornments over the entrance door


Highly articulated and artful balusters on the stairs


The main room of Hatfield House, full of paintings and objets d'art


The rapt audience


A scene from the film "Orlando", starring Tilda Swinton,

shot at



Mr. Tschirch speaks with a gentlemen post-lecture


Angela Fischer and Donal Ross discuss the lecture


Monty & Richard Burnham


Dr. Benedict Leca & George Herrick










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