Preservation Society Sails into 2017 on Wave of Successes

Host Dayton Carr with Sharon & Bill Wood Prince

Celebrating the first year of giving one million tours to visitors to the Newport Mansions, and a second milestone of earning $34 million dollars in revenues, The Preservation Society and Campaign Chair Dayton Carr hosted 

NewPalmers and Newporters  at an elegant, exuberant yacht party for The Preservation Society in Palm Beach. 


           Walter Glennon with Bill Wilson aboard "Wild Kingdom"

Guests went from the historic, 104 foot yacht “Freedom”, built in 1926 and magnificently restored and owned by Earl McMillen and Elizabeth McMillen (she a Trustee), to “Wild Kingdom”, Mr. Carr’s season beauty, sipping winesand eating catered hors d’oeuvres.  It was a particular celebration for the important organization, part of The Newport Renaissance of 2016.


Gathering on the dock 

Preservation Society's 
CEO Trudy Coxe addressed the happy guests, giving out the extraordinary figures and welcoming them as well as thanking the hosts and guests  profusely.  Mr. Carr praised Newport Hospital, NUWC and The Preservation Society as the most important entities in the city, going on to thank the staff of Preservation for their exceptional hard work, which met with great applause.


Friends greeted friends, looked at the beautiful views from the yachts, and

drifted off  to dinner.


   Pitt Maner  with author Rochelle Ohstrom

Seen  were Eddy and John Taylor, Donald Ross, former President of the Board and wife Susan Ross, Kim Darden, Rebecca Hillard, Bill, Will and Elizabeth Leatherman, Susan and Ernest Jacquet, Kathleen Beckett Cullen, Kim Herrlinger, Kenn Karakul, Bill and Nancy Wilson among the hundred plus guests.

                                                                                                  --Linda Phillips


Kathleen Beckett & Kim Herrlinger


Betsy Ray, Bob Evans and Nancy Evans, Frank Ray



Teryn & Karl Weintz


Jack Purdy & Linda Purdy


The dining room on "Wild Kingdom"


Eddy & John Taylor


Earl McMillen & Elizabeth McMillen, hosts on "Freedom"


Victoria Leiter Mele with hosts Earl McMillen & Elizabeth McMillen 


 Kenn Karakul, Anne Garnett & Nick Mele

Kim Darden, Rebecca Hillard & Will Leatherman


Jim Ross & Bill Leatherman


Sherri Stephenson & Mike Cocherall


The sleek "Freedom"


Preservation Society Board Chair Monty & Dick Burnham


Scott & Carol Williams


Carol Epstein & Alice Ross


Host Dayton Carr & Preservation Society CEO and President Trudy Coxe celebrating a banner year


Guests, including  Stephanie & Bob Nickerson, Nancy Wilson,Rochelle Ohstrom & Pitt Maner lounging on "Wild Kingdom"


Trudy Coxe speaking to guests


Eaddo & Peter Kiernan with Jay Page



Maureen & Bill Goldfarb





Scott Williams with Tony Valentini, Captain of "Wild Kingdom"


Donald Ross & Patrick Horgan


Susan & Ernest Jacquet

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